图形 materials go far beyond signage! Our quality graphics plastics are perfect for architectural applications, 安全玻璃, 和更多的.





No matter what the application—retail displays, indoor/outdoor signage, etc.—the possibilities are endless in what we can create to help your company and products stand out.


Due to their 强度 and weather resistance, the right graphics material can make all the difference. We’ll blend the aesthetics you want with the performance you need.


特殊设计的需求? 短的周转时间? We want to help you meet the unique requirements and time constraints of your project, and we’ll stop at nothing to make sure you are satisfied!


建筑 & 建筑

Advanced architectural plastics are making applications safer 和更多的 environmentally friendly. 耐久性, 强度, and weather resistance of plastics such as acrylic, 聚碳酸酯, ACM, and HDPE create long lasting structures for greenhouses, 公交候车亭, 树冠, 和更多的. These materials are lighter weight than wood, 金属, 和玻璃, making them easier to handle during installation, requiring less fuel and energy to transport, and providing fewer maintenance concerns over the life of the structure.

专题部分: Greenhouses, Entryway Canopies, Bus Shelters, Carports, Sloped & 弯曲的玻璃, 天窗, 安全窗口, 内部分区, 房间分规, 照明透镜, 镜子, 角落警卫, 运行Rails, 户外家具, 操场

acrylic and 聚碳酸酯 bus shelter
HDPE and 聚碳酸酯 playground equipment

建设 & 玻璃

Plastics play an important role in the process of any construction project…not only in the finished building, but also in keeping the workplace operating efficiently and safely. To avoid accidents and control movement on the job site, directional and construction signage made from durable plastic is both highly visible and cost-effective. 玻璃应用程序, the flexibility and shatter resistance of plastics like 聚碳酸酯 make it an ideal alternative to traditional glass while meeting OSHA requirements. 

专题部分: 出租车的窗户, 定向标志, 施工标志, 明确的分区/障碍, 登机窗口, Floor Protection Mats (Surface Shields)

construction equipment protective cab windows
clear driver safety panels for forklifts
construction site safety signage


塑料可以制造火车, 公共汽车, 船, 飞机, 全地形交通工具, 和旅游房车更安全, 更舒适, 和更多的 fuel-efficient thanks to their durability and decreased weight. 如果发生碰撞, some polymers are impact- and fire-resistant, which better protects passengers and drivers. 为日常安慰, plastics can also provide sound dampening effects, which provides a more pleasant experience for passengers and commuters. Plastics can also provide clear communication and attractive interiors inside commuter vehicles due to the wide variety of colors and graphics capabilities. 另外, plastics can be manipulated in many ways to create complex fabricated or thermoformed parts.

专题部分: DOT标识,巴士(移动) & 避难所)迹象, 交通窗口, 窗口的图形, 折叠托盘, 墙面板, 司机安全玻璃


安全 & 安全

Polymers can be highly effective in protecting people from natural disasters and attacks from physical assault, 子弹, 和炸弹爆炸. Fabricated plastics can be used in wearable armor and safety barriers. 不像玻璃, plastics have the ability to absorb shock by converting the energy of an impact into heat, which allows the polymer material to bend rather than shatter. 安全 plastic is also more energy efficient than safety glass, so when used for barriers such as bank windows and detention center glazing, it can lower the business or institution’s carbon footprint.

专题部分: 安全 & 紧急的迹象, 银行窗口, Convenience Store/气体 Cashier 玻璃, 使馆窗户, 军队和警察的脸盾牌, Prison/Detention Center 玻璃, 防暴盾牌, 天气的窗户, 安全的入口通道, 机器警卫

bullet resistant glazed 聚碳酸酯


Your signage should directly reflect the quality that you deliver and customers expect. Whether print, digital, exhibit, or display, the custom possibilities are infinite. Let us help you and your company’s products stand out from the competition.

专题部分: 贸易展览和博物馆展品, Indoor and Outdoor 2D and 3D 标志, 零售货架, 分级表, Short-term and Long-term Promotional Displays and Signs

clear acrylic POP display cases
acrylic two-tiered display stand
translucent white outdoor signage
frosted acrylic 4-way retail display


因为它的重量很轻, 优秀的屏障的品质, 和FDA合规, plastic is an ideal alternative to cardboard for food, 饮料, 和其他消费品. Plastic packaging maintains the integrity of the products it protects and keeps consumers safe from potential contaminants that may be encountered during transport and within retail environments. Plastic packaging also contributes to a closed-loop supply chain since it is highly recyclable and does not require tape or adhesive.

专题部分: 专业的包装 & Shipping 产品, Plastic Containers & Dividers, Temporary Protection During Transit, Cardboard Alternative Applications

durable and reusable polypro gaylords and sleeve packs
die cut ship flat custom corrugated polypropylene boxes
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Cope’s ACM Alupanel Capabilities

Cope’s expertise with corrosive-resistant material known for signage and graphics proved valuable as an alternative for an OEM’s fleet.